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About the PFR

Richard Ford wrote, regarding the main character’s son in the novel “Independence Day”, that his problem was that he was always “thinking about thinking”. In effect, that he was incapable of full engagement with the world because he existed in a state of constant questioning. If this problem sounds like (a) you and (b) not really a problem, then you just might be the kind of person for whom this blog is intended.

To that end, The Preston Falls Review is a place to talk about any topic that challenges you or holds your interest. These may include, but are not limited to, literature, politics, art, culture, the law, religion, urban planning and whatever else strikes me as funny, absurd or important.

I’m your host: a lapsed attorney who owns a small real estate development company, makes fleeting attempts to write screenplays and novels, lives with a sociologist in Providence, Rhode Island and chauffeurs our recently acquired rescue dog around on a daily basis.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. I’m hoping we can start something of a community discussion group here, so feel free to join in. Comments, questions, disagreements and suggestions are welcome but only the very best will be appropriated and passed off as my own.

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