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Iran’s Green Revolution?

June 15, 2009

Andrew Sullivan’s site is full of Twitter reports from Iranians witnessing and participating in the demonstrations against the results of the recent elections. Some are estimating the crowds at more than one million. Iran is demanding Mousavi, free elections and real democracy. Reading these Twitter reports, with their urgency and defiance in the face of militia violence (reports are that five university students were killed and that the Basij militia are beating protesters) and government opposition, is to feel the forceful stirrings of a new era. There’s no telling how this will be resolved; Tiananmen, after all, was put down violently with no concessions from the leadership. But there is an insistent energy and righteousness in the wave of voices coming from the streets of Iran. A small sample:

Tomorrow rally at ValiAsr Sq. 5:00PM

State TV announced that they will “recount” voted again since tomorrow

Ahmadinejad called us Dust, we showed him a sandstorm.

Protesters writing “only Mousavi” on Freedon sqr. tower, Iran’s most prominent landmark

U beat (us),U kill,U cut, what DO u do with d unpreventable growth of new blooms” a Persian song*

ppl chanting “Police, police, support us”

also 6 students who were beaten last night in the dorm died today. they were from my university. we wore black today :((

Police destroyed computer

NOTE to HACKERS – attack – pls try to hack all iran gov wesites. very difficult for us.

confirmed – ahmadinejad website hacked off net.

Intelligence calling homes and play recording saying “u participated in today’s march, don’t repeat”

Reports of gunfire in Tehran’s Saadatabad district

Tarasht dormitory is seiged by basij

Non stop sound of shooting heard in Tehran

after hearing about killing a person by Basij people from Ikbatan(a part of Tehran) came out & started another demonstration

People are shouting “This Blood in my veins will stop the coup”

Sources in #Tehran say candidate Mehdi Karrubi will speak in 2 hours. He’s protesting results w/#Mousavi.

Hearing Allaho Akbar and Down with dictator from all the roofs

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