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Iran Election Update

June 15, 2009

At this point, radio is reporting that Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has authorized an investigation into potential vote fraud in the election of Mahmoud Amhadinejad. This announcement comes on the heels of increased demonstrations and clashes between Mousavi supporters and the police and militia groups,

[a]s night fell, protests resumed in nearby Vanak Square, where the rallies began Saturday, and chants of “Bye-bye, dictator!” and “God is great!” could be heard from rooftops in several areas of the capital.
“No one led these people in the streets,” said Bashu, a 28-year-old opposition supporter who, like many others, was afraid to give his full name. “This is the least we can do; we cannot stay at home and watch them celebrate a fake election.”
He opened his shirt to show long, red welts on his chest where, he said, a Basij militia member had whipped him with a chain. Next to him, a female friend dressed in a black Islamic chador stood with a bloody gash on her forehead that she said had been inflicted by the police.
“We just hope the people of the world hear our voice,” Bashu said. “We haven’t heard from Moussavi; we hear he is under arrest.”

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