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Conditions for Women in Afghanistan

June 10, 2009

Forced wearing of the burkha, beatings for walking with unrelated men, acid attacks, the closing of schools for girls…these are the disturbing stories that were reported about the treatment of women in Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan. But has our intervention in that country improved the lot of women there? The issue is taken up by Stuart Whatley at The Huffington Post:

Starkly disparate appraisals of the conditions for women in Afghanistan continue to paint what is, at best, a rather blurry picture. Determining whether the overall situation has improved since the Taliban was ousted in late 2001 can be difficult. And, as demonstrated by reports from sources who have recently returned from the war-ridden country, this determination is no less intractable now than in the past.

The primary reason is that conditions in Afghanistan are acutely compartmentalized into what is, in some regions, a muddling patchwork. Reports from one tribal village can be bright and optimistic while another locale only a few miles away will be rife with atrocities towards women and girls. “Problems in Afghanistan tend to be local in nature, not nationwide,” says Stephen Brown, a humanitarian aid worker with the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club in San Diego, California who has been in and out of both Pakistan and Afghanistan since 2002.

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  1. June 10, 2009 11:29 pm

    Stop the cruel war for the women and children. Please, visit my blog and give comments to contribute to the culture, thanks!


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