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Why Should We Care About Iran’s Election? (Part II)

June 9, 2009

Here are just a few reasons, from Lisa Margonelli, correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly:

The outcome of the election could dramatically change the US’s options in withdrawing from Iraq, stabilizing Afghanistan, reducing the money and effort we expend on policing the oil shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf, and allowing US firms to invest in Iran’s oil industry.

And what do Iranians think about us? Do they abhor us at the “great satan”? Hardly:

They show a potential win for the President, but they also show an enormous desire to engage with the US. 70 percent favor investment by the US, and 69 percent say that the most significant way the US could improve relations would be to create a free trade treaty between the two countries.

From a poll of the Iranian electorate whose findings are described this way:

In a rare independent nationwide survey before the June Presidential elections, Iranians of every political inclination are united in their desire for greater democracy, economic progress and better relations with the United States. While our uncensored poll shows incumbent President Ahmadinejad in the lead with a plurality of support, the survey also reveals that a second round run off against his closest challenger, Mir Hussein Moussavi, is likely.

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