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Obama Visits Buchenwald Today With Uncle Who Liberated Camp

June 5, 2009

From the TimesUK, President Obama visits the concentration camp at Buchenwald in Western Germany where over 56,000 died at the hands of the Nazis. The camp was liberated in April, 1945 by American troops, one of whom was President Obama’s great uncle:

When Charlie Payne entered the camp he saw a pile of machine-gunned prisoners, sheds full of stripped corpses, stacked on top of each other, waiting to be burnt.

“I don’t know how many, but many high and the whole length of the room,” said Mr Payne, 84. “They sprinkled lime to keep the smell down.” Mr Payne was one of the first Americans to witness the consequences of the Holocaust when his infantry unit stumbled on the sub-camp of Buchenwald in April 1945.

Today, his great-nephew, President Obama, will visit the camp that Uncle Charlie helped to liberate, thus countering Holocaust-deniers such as President Ahmadinejad of Iran who this week called the Holocaust “a big deception” and denounced the US for its support for Israel.

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