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Is Judge Sotomayor a Racist?

May 30, 2009

From the New York Times, a collection of statements by those on the political right about Judge Sotomayor, ranging from Tom Tancredo’s outright denunciation of the woman as a racist to a very thoughtful defense of her statements from Daniel Larison of the American Conservative. Here’s a sample from the blogger known as Brutally Honest:

And so far, Tom Tancredo is the only person capable of calling this farce of media spun reality as it should be called. The facts are, that this woman is a racist and openly promotes her subjective racism as part of her supposed judicial appeal and capability to judge others. And her judicial record is evidence of her views …

They will line up like lemmings to escort this liberal racist through the senate confirmation and vote. Why? Because the democrats have played the race card as only they can play it. Never mind that they trashed and attacked Alberto Gonzales from beginning to end, (when he was being vetted for Attorney General) they now leap to the soap box and point their stank fingers at the republicans and assert…”are republicans going to vote against the first Hispanic nomination to the Supreme Court?”

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