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The New York Times’ New Photography Blog: Lens

May 18, 2009

Today, the New York Times starts a new blog on, well…let them explain:

The New York Times introduces Lens, a photojournalism blog that intends to present some of the most interesting visual and multimedia reporting: in photographs, videos, audio slide shows and any other medium that fits — our format.

Aside from the undeniable photographic skill and experience the Times brings to photojournalism, this blog offers the opportunity for some in-depth treatment of some of the more esoteric stories they cover…the photo essay on being followed around the globe by four-legged plastic chairs comes to mind. The images, as expected, are stunning too.

If this is part of the Times’ response to dwindling readership and the imploding American newspaper industry, then I’m glad to see them making an effort to bolster the storytelling they do. Front page advertisements in the paper edition and unmistakable ads for Apple on the web site have their place, regrettably, in the effort to increase revenue, but a tightly produced, informative and visually crisp photo blog has a shot at bringing in more viewers while also strengthening the Times’ major contribution to the world conversation.

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