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What Makes Us Happy?: A Long-Form Post

May 12, 2009

INTRODUCTION: Taking a break from the usual format of short blog posts about a variety of topics, this morning I’m trying something a little different. After reading an extensive article at The Atlantic detailing a long-term longitudinal study of male Harvard students that tracked the subjects until their deaths, I thought I’d post some comments about the findings of the study, which examines the development of long term happiness by analyzing everything from health to psychological adaptations to parental involvement.

The big question is: what components of your life will increase your chances of being happy? The answer, not surprisingly, is not a simple one. There are, however, some real and solid observations about what behaviors lead to an overall sense of well being.

The next six posts deal with the study, its observations about human happiness and difficulty, as well as some questions and comments that I thought might be worth discussing.


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