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A Dozen New Atlantic Monthly Correspondents: A New On-Line Model?

May 4, 2009

In a move that significantly augments the Atlantic Monthly’s daily volume of commentary, (and one that appears at first glance to be similar to the content production method of the Huffington Post) they’ve added twelve new blog correspondents to the seven that were already on the site. The change in the web site content, especially as it begins on a day when a traditional newspaper like the Boston Globe is teetering on the edge of disappearing, says something about how the Atlantic–a respected magazine and source for politics and cultural commentary as well as well-sourced original reporting–plans to compete in the world of on-line news commentary and publishing. The question is: is this a new model for other established news producers as well? Are we seeing the start of a trend?

In a related note: I’m not familiar with the work of all twelve of the new correspondents, though I have read quite a bit from Judge Richard Posner, an author, federal appeals court judge, University of Chicago Law School Professor, founder of the legal movement known as the Law and Economics movement and, allegedly, the most cited legal scholar of all time. (He is, apparently, morbidly afraid of wasting one minute of his day with anything resembling relaxation or rest.) If the other new correspondents bring with them the kind of resume that Posner does, the Atlantic has added some significantly qualified thinkers.

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