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Nashville or Bust: An Introduction to Graham Parsons

April 24, 2009

Nathan Rabin, the Onion’s AV Club’s head writer, and a hip-hop specialist, committed to an interesting experiment:

[He] recently decided to spend a year immersing himself in the canon of country music, a genre he knew little about but was keen to explore. The result: “Nashville Or Bust,” a series of essays about seminal country artists. After one year of country (dated from the column’s introduction on March 3, 2009), Rabin plans to travel south and explore some of country music’s most hallowed landmarks and institutions.

In this April 14th article, he discusses Graham Parsons, who is rightly canonized by fans of Americana music for re-introducing the classic country sound into 70’s rock music and influencing a generation of bands, songwriters and fans. It hasn’t hurt his legend that he died young and was infamously part of a misguided act of deranged loyalty by his former manager and friend who stole Graham’s casket and tried to immolate it in Joshua Tree National Park in fulfillment of a drunken pact the two of them had made. The article is here. If you’re just getting introduced to Graham, this is a very helpful discussion of his work from another new fan.

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