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Glenn Beck: The New “Mob Leader” of the GOP

April 24, 2009

An article from Slate about Glenn Beck and the growing popularity of his new show on Fox. The article is actually fairly restrained, not getting into too much detail about Beck’s on-air outrageousness (Just one example: pouring fake gasoline over a guest and pretending to set him on fire as a tax protest). Worth a read. An excerpt:

[Beck’s] CNN tenure was most notable for a segment in which he told Rep. Keith Ellison to prove that he was not, in his Mohammedanism, a traitor to his country, “no offense.” A logician would call that a fallacious argumentum ad ignorantiam. With Beck, there’s always a lot of ignorantiam to go circum. In the three months since he moved to Fox News, he has not managed to insult any members of Congress quite so thoroughly. Give him time. Last Monday, discussing the latest economic plans shaping up in Washington, he mockingly impersonated Barney Frank, the openly gay chair of the Financial Services Committee. Beck’s contemptuous sissy lisp is coming along nicely. He is, impressively, more snide than Sarah Palin, whose high-wattage yahoo-baiting anticipated Beck’s combination of mean anger, cheap humor, and, when talking policy, the occasional complete obfuscation of fact.

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    May 12, 2010 6:40 pm

    You might enjoy my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

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