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Friday Diversions, continued: Living on a Tugboat

April 24, 2009

A short interview in the New York Times with Stewart Brand the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, a book all self-described hippies had on their coffee tables in the early 70’s. He now lives–where else?– on a converted tug boat on the San Francisco Bay. He talks about aging, Abbie Hoffman, Neal Cassady and how nuclear energy and cities can be eco-friendly. An excerpt:

Why a boat[?] The main thing is our houseboat community here, which is exceptionally congenial. The boat is inexpensive to live on, and you have no problem with earthquakes, wildfires or rising sea levels due to global warming.

Green living[?] I didn’t choose the boat because it’s green, but it is. It doesn’t take much to heat 450 square feet. Cooling is no issue on the water. We have solar panels and a demand water heater and use biodiesel fuel when we cruise.

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