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Christiane Amanpour on the Torture Memos

April 24, 2009

At the Daily Beast, CNN’s chief international correspondent talks about “Taxi to the Dark Side”, a documentary about US torture policies, as well as the general debate within the the United States about the release of the torture memos:

I ran into Alex Gibney this week, producer of the extraordinary Oscar winning documentary Taxi to the Dark Side, about US torture practices abroad. It was amazing timing since the week has been abuzz with new developments. As President, Obama immediately moved to close down Guantanamo. But while torture is a most un-American activity, the latest developments have reached the very heart of a divided nation: From Former Vice President Dick Cheney who insists torture works, to NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who told me it should be banned, and said so publicly at yesterday’s Congressional hearing, but who also wonders about the potential chilling effect of the memos being published, to the informal coffee shop poll my fellow school-mum conducted about the now public memos, which produced a loud and ferocious battle of opinions among the ladies who breakfast. Taxi to the Dark Side is still well worth a watch.

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