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“Obama Derangement Syndrome”

April 20, 2009

The Economist points out the growing trend of heated rhetoric against Obama.

[A]ccording to some people. Mr Obama may be widely admired both at home and abroad. But there are millions of Americans who do not like the cut of his jib—and a few whose dislike boils over into white-hot hatred. The American Spectator, which came of age demonising the Clintons, has run an article on its website on Mr Obama entitled “Il Duce, Redux?” The internet crackles with comparisons between Mr Obama and various dictators (Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini) or assorted psychotics (Charles Manson and David Koresh). When Jonah Goldberg, a conservative pundit, praised Mr Obama over the dispatching of the Somali pirates, his e-mail inbox immediately overflowed, he said, with “snark and bile”.

When Jonah Goldberg, reliable conservative voice at the National Review who wrote a book called Liberal Fascism, isn’t harsh enough for the conservative public, then we have reached a point at which nothing will ameliorate their negative view of the President. The President’s harshest critics have revealed that it is not any decision or policy of Obama’s that they reject, it is his very presence in the White House.

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