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Waterboarding is Torture

April 20, 2009

Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic Monthly has been resolute in his criticism of the Bush administration’s policies on torture. Today, he discusses the repeated use of waterboarding against a particular detainee, as well as the lies and mischaracterizations made by the government’s supporters in the conservative media.

One of the disadvantages of relying on a torture-regime for the facts about the torture they have been practising is that they have an interest in lying. And the job of a journalist in these matters – especially after the torrent of deception that came out of the Bush White House – is to exercise skepticism about the government’s claims. National Review, in the Bush era, became a de facto propaganda arm for the government, and no more so than on the question of torture, an issue where one might have imagined a magazine steeped in traditional Catholic ethics, might have been just a little bit honest.

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