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Glenn Beck: Too Far Right for the Far Right

April 16, 2009

Benjamin Sarlin at the Daily Beast has an interesting story about the beginnings of a crack in the right-wing alliance. Apparently, the increasingly agitated and extreme antics of Fox’s Glenn Beck have begun to antagonize even other strongly partisan media figures like David Horowitz and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, a well-known and popular conservative web site. Beck, who has been making a habit of crying on air, comparing Obama to fascist dictators and who recently poured fake-gasoline over a studio guest in an odd immolation threat directed at the Obama government’s policies, has lowered the level of discourse enough that even his ideological companions are growing concerned:

I just wish everyone would take a step back from this extremist brink,” Johnson said. “It can’t lead anywhere good. At best, it will bring the right-wing blogosphere into disrepute, and at the worst it could lead to violence if you encourage these real nuts out there.”

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