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Bob Dylan News

April 2, 2009

The New Yorker has the newest updates on the availability of a Bob Dylan single, “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” and a new album, coming April 28th.

Bob Dylan’s “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” was released through his Web site yesterday, and is currently available on Amazon for download. It’s the lead song, if not exactly the lead single, from “Together Through Life,” the new album, which is due out on April 28th. The song isn’t the best Dylan song ever; I think we can agree on that. But it’s musically more interesting than some of the flatter material on “Modern Times,” thanks in large part to David Hidalgo’s accordion. The lyrics seem like a somewhat straightforward, somewhat dark love song. Still, that hasn’t stopped Dylan fans across the Net from obsessing over the song. VentVox name-checks Tito Puente while at the same time noting that the song is contemporary in tone. Expecting Rain, one of the Internet’s premier Dylan fan sites, has generally favorable feedback on its message boards; one reader notes that the song is “tightly constructed, intimate, dark, and lustful.” And New York magazine jokingly wonders if the song contains an allusion to Dylan’s recent chemical-toilet problems, in which Malibu neighbors complained that he was stinking up the vicinity.

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