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Taliban threatens more attacks within the U.S.

April 1, 2009

From the Times of London, reports of new threats by Taliban leaders against the U.S.

“Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world … The maximum they can do is martyr me. But we will exact our revenge on them from inside America.”

Mr Mehsud’s threat illustrates his growing confidence in the Pakistani Taleban’s strength and reach. He recently agreed to shelve differences with fellow commanders and join forces with the Afghan Taleban.

With the economy becoming such an all-encompassing worry, it has been too easy to forget that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, weakened and marginalized as they may be, have always maintained that they would continue to attack the U.S. and it’s interests wherever and whenever they could. One might be skeptical of their ability to carry out the attacks that they claim are being planned but, given the stakes, they deserve our attention.

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