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Harry Reid: Chief Justice Roberts lied to us

March 31, 2009

Stuart Whatley at the Huffington Post has a piece about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his opinion that Chief Justice John Roberts was not as forthcoming with the Senate about his conservative legal philosophy during the confirmation process as he should have been.

This is akin to an employer bemoaning the fact that the employee they just hired is always late to work despite the employee telling the employer during the job interview that they would, well, always be late for work. Prior to his nomination for the Court, Roberts was known in the legal world to be two things: (1) very well-credentialed and (2) extraordinarily conservative.

Democrats or anyone else who had hoped to put a moderate on the Court to balance the growing super-conservative ideology of Scalia, Thomas and Alito knew that Roberts’ philosophy was the antithesis of objective legal jurisprudence. For Reid to lament his confirmation now is to admit that the Senate in general, and Reid in particular, failed to do their jobs.

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