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Dick Cheney: not as smart as he (or we) thought

March 31, 2009

Scott Horton at Harper’s has a little piece of schaedenfreude on Dick Cheney’s new reality. In addition to the growing focus on his serious involvement with torture, Horton has a review of some of the poor business decisions Cheney made while at Halliburton

In the meantime it has become clear that Cheney was a disastrously bad businessman. As the head of Halliburton he dragged the company from one catastrophe to the next, concluding a calamitous deal struck on the golf course for Dresser Industries. He then bogged the company down in a massive corrupt liquefied natural gas project in Nigeria that just cost its shareholders $579 million in civil penalties. (The Bush Justice Department rushed the deal to a conclusion before Cheney left office, concluding to the smirks of observers that Cheney had no personal exposure in a matter run by an officer he handpicked and oversaw.)

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