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North Dakota flood response efforts

March 28, 2009

ABC News has the story of the state and federal efforts to combat the rising Red River which threatens Fargo, N.D. as thousands begin to evacuate.

Among the efforts being brought to bear against the river, which is running at an incredible 45 times its normal volume

During a news conference today, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the department has enough food and water to support 30,000 people for seven days and could bring in more if needed. Fargo expects no more than 100,000 to evacuate in the worst-case scenario. Napolitano said it’s estimated that 23 percent of the evacuees will need shelter…

Several hundred more National Guard troops were ordered to report to Fargo, home to 92,000 people. Approximately 1,700 troops have already been deployed. Earlier in the day the Coast Guard rescued 82 people.

I’m sure this point is being made elsewhere but: would New Orleans’ residents have been better off with Obama and Napolitano instead of Bush and Brownie?

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