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Obama lays out budget and recovery plan

March 25, 2009

In an article in the Washington Post, Michael Shear and Scott Wilson describe President Obama’s efforts to convince American’s that his $3.6 trillion budget is the engine to drive America’s economic recovery. While the details of the plan and the growing congressional opposition to some of the budgetary priorities are compelling reading, I found one passage particularly telling

During the 55-minute news conference, Obama faced no questions about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, or terrorism.

Have we reached the moment where fear about terrorism and concern about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been drowned out by the tide of anxiety caused by the economic downturn? As an indicator of our culture’s concerns, what does it say that a room full of journalists chose to ask the President exactly zero questions about war and terrorism? While Americans may honestly disagree over the degree to which our national effort should be focused on fighting in the Middle East, I find it meaningful that this topic was completely absent from a major presidential press conference.

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